The Risks and Benefits of Circumcision Treatment

Children are often subject to surgical procedures to remove the penis. This prevents babies from
developing urinary tract infections. There is always a risk of complications with circumcision.
However the chance of complications is very low. Bleeding or infection are the most common
complications. The skin on the penis will be sensitive after the procedure and will become
inflamed by ammonia in the urine and diapers. Most minor issues can be treated with petroleum
jelly and will disappear after a few weeks.
You can circumcise any baby at any time, but the most common time is right after birth, usually
within the first few months of life. The surgery is done while the baby is awake and a local
anesthetic will be administered. Older babies should receive anesthetic, to prevent pain and
damage to the penis. As they age, children become more aware and fearful of their sexual

The penis can swell, become bloody and develop a crust after the procedure. These problems

can be easily treated with a quick intervention. The penis may become swollen and yellowish-
colored. In most cases, the penis will heal within seven to ten days, but complications may occur

later in life. Although circumcision can be a very drastic procedure, it is often the only option for
males whose penis is inflamed.
Anaesthesia is required to perform surgical circumcision. This numbs all parts of the child’s
body. General anesthesia relaxes the child’s reflexes, making the procedure safer and easier.
Caudal pain anesthesia blocks pain in your lower back, abdomen and lower trunk. The
procedure will involve the placement of fine sutures. Your child should be asleep. The entire
procedure should take approximately 15 to 30 minutes.
Your baby may be fussy for a few days after the procedure, but it is important to continue
breastfeeding during this time. The circumcision site may appear slightly reddened and may
eventually disappear. Follow your doctor’s instructions on how to treat and reduce pain. You will
be given specific instructions by your doctor on how to care and change diapers. A blot using
petroleum jelly can prevent scarring, and your baby will heal quickly.
There are many complications that can arise from surgical procedures such as the circumcision
of your penis. In some cases, the foreskin can become inflamed from urine, which can result in
an enlarged penis. Other complications include urethrocutaneous fistula or meatal stenosis.
Incisions of penile shafts can also reduce the risk of sexually transmitted disease, such as HIV.
Circumcision can reduce the chance of your child getting HIV infection if they are already
Although the risks of infections are minimal, they do exist. A circumcised penis is a safer option
for infants. Uncircumcised men have a higher risk of developing cervical cancer but it’s
extremely rare. A circumcised man is more likely than non-circumcised men to get HIV.
However, HPV vaccines may be able to reduce the risk.
If your child’s foreskin is not retractable, you don’t need to use a laser or scalpel. Alternately, a
healthcare professional may use an electric instrument to cut the circumcision route. The bell

method is a popular method for circumcising newborns. The healthcare professional will then
squeeze the foreskin into two metal or plastic plates, and then cut the outer foreskin. The
surgical process usually takes about 30 minutes.
Another common problem associated with uncircumcised men is balanoposthitis, an
inflammation of the penis. This condition may be the first sign you have diabetes in as many as a
third (33%) of boys. These cases usually require simple hygiene measures, as well as mild
painkillers. For recurrent cases, circumcision may also be recommended. If your child is
diagnosed with this condition, he will need to consult his doctor immediately.

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